At Ryedale Interiors, we have several policies the state how we do business and what we stand for as a company. Below are several summaries which highlight the key points from our policies related to business conduct.

Health and Safety Policy Summary

At Ryedale Interiors, we have a detailed health and safety policy as part of our commitment to maintaining the health, safety and welfare of our employees, subcontractors and the general public.

To ensure this, we allocate the appropriate time, funds and energy into thorough risk assessment, safety training and review of our activities. Also, we brief staff on health and safety requirements, provide a straightforward reporting procedure, and clear responsibilities within our organisation.

We comply with all applicable health & safety legislation, approved codes of practice and client safety requirements. Our detailed safety policy is based on clear guidance provided by the Health and Safety Executive.

Summary of Quality Policy

We have a detailed quality policy that aims to consistently maintain the high quality of work we produce and maintain our reputation as a reliable partner.

To ensure this, we train our operatives to understand and agree that all work should be delivered on time and performed to the standard implied by the contract or specified by the customer. Also, we ensure that all of our building work is completed to an agreed specification and undertaken in line with safety and environmental regulations.

As a reliable partner to our clients, we rarely receive complaints however, should the situation occur, our policy clearly states that any complaints about any issue should be taken seriously and reported.

Summary of Environmental and Sustainability Policy

At Ryedale Interiors, we have a detailed environmental policy that demonstrates our serious commitment to minimising any adverse environmental impacts from our activities.

We have outlined several objectives and targets for measuring our environmental performance, as well as working hard to improve the quality of our systems, processes and welfare of our people.

We believe that investing in our business to operate more sustainably actually improves business e.g. by procuring quality materials from reputable suppliers, we are also maintaining our high stands of performance.

We believe that all employees and subcontractors have an important role to play in contributing to making a difference and meeting our environmental responsibilities.

Summary of Ethical Employment Policies

At Ryedale Interiors, we have a range of policies that demonstrates our commitment to being both an ethical employer and a conscientious company.

Our Equal Opportunities policy sets out clear requirements for what is expected of employees and to ensure that we operate as an equal opportunities employer.

Our Anti-Bribery policy clearly states that all staff members conduct themselves with honesty and integrity and that everyone has a role to play in preventing, detecting and reporting fraud.

Our Human Rights Policy demonstrates our commitment to upholding the human rights of all those who work with us and for us and comply with international conventions regarding human rights.